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May 21, 2011

Despite my lofty goals at the beginning of the year, I have made only two dresses so far. If I plan to fulfill my sewing goal, then I really need to step up my game.  Below are the two dresses I made, perfect for my as of yet non-existent summerline, combining vintage fabric and tweed.  The first dress I just completed today.  It took me about 3 hours, and for once, everything went right when I constructed it (i.e., no running out of bobbin, no need for the seam ripper, no thread changes, etc.).  The second dress I made on March 11, the day of the devastating Japanese earthquake/tsunami, which resulted in a day-off for most workers here in Hawai’i as we were under a tsunami warning.  This dress took me 6 hours because everything went wrong.  If only I could hire someone for dirt cheap to sew my clothesline for me I’d be stoked.  I absolutely love buying fabric and putting different fabric prints together.  I just hate the actual construction of it.  Nevertheless, since I finally have more time to be productive as summer has started, I plan on recreating the below two dresses as part of my summerline that I hope to start selling in August.

Vintage cotton fabric + tweed

Vintage polyester fabric + tweed


KCC Farmer’s Market Tropicals

May 13, 2011

Get in touch with your creative side and create your very own flower arrangements with fresh cut tropicals from the KCC Farmer's Market and striking baskets from East Asian Basket Company. This arrangement took about 10 minutes to put together, and cost about $25 to make. If you bought this same arrangement in a flower shop, it would cost about $60. Whether you make it yourself, or buy a tropical arrangement, though, it is a much better use of your money than buying a rose or spring flower arrangement. This is Hawai'i--those types of flowers die fast. Tropicals, on the other hand, can last over 2 weeks with minimal care. The tropicals that you see in this arrangement are one week old, but barely show their age.

If you need fresh cut tropicals, then KCC’s Farmer’s Market is the place for you!  All of the above flowers came from this market except for the pink & green leaves which I grow in my yard.  I got the yellow & orange claw heliconia and the orange purpurea from Ska Tropicals, the pink anthuriums from Nita’s Flowers, and the sexy pink hanging heliconia from another vendor that I didn’t get the name of (but is somewhat across of the pizza vendor).  The flowers for this arrangement cost less than $20.  The basket, which I got from East Asian Basket Company on Queen Street–simply the best place to go for your basket needs–was approximately $5.  Add in the Oasis and the plastic tray for under the Oasis, and in total, this arrangement costs approximately $25 to make.  Furthermore, it’s really not hard to put together–start with the center, which is the tallest piece.  Then, on either side of it, place two shorter pieces.  Then fill according with shorter flowers, and hide the Oasis with greens.  And remember–less is more!  Simple arrangements are a lot more pleasing to the eye than cluttered ones that have no center in which to draw the eye.

Newest Vintage Creation

August 30, 2010

Dress made from vintage blue material found at a White Elephant sale.

Vintage Reincarnation: Bold Green Dress

July 28, 2010

I found the vintage green fabric at a white elephant sale last year and paired it with a fuschia lycra from Fabric Mart. I haven't yet decided whether to keep this dress long, or chop it short, right below the print.

First Steps

June 21, 2010

Growing up, all I could possibly conceive of doing with my future life was writing.  Now that I am grown up, I find myself still suffering from “Someday Syndrome” when it comes to writing.  Perhaps I could blame this on the creative writing class I once took in college.  Since I was so excited to finally be taking a creative writing class, can you imagine my horror when this class absolutely destroyed my desire to write because, according to the professor’s illegible handwriting that marked up every single writing assignment I turned in, my writing was “crap.”  Nevertheless, I should never have let one person’s opinion destroy the only thing I ever wanted to do with my life.

Now that I am 32, I find myself realizing that if I don’t start writing now, I never will.  Instead, I will continue to suffer from “Someday Syndrome” for the rest of my life.  Hence, this blog.  It’s a start.  Like my mom recently told me, it’s taking the first steps, no matter how small, that gets us to our ultimate goals in life.  From time to time, I will put up poems and stories that I have wrote.  Here’s the first poem, a sestina, which ironically, I first wrote in that horrible creative writing class:

Surf (A Sestina)

Waipi'o can get pretty gnarly.

1 Ho brah, I wen go surf

2  dis morn.  Waves wuz sum sick

3  at da beach down

4  Waipi’o.  You no how da waves

5  get down dea.  As crazy fo go

6  out wen as ten feet, but

6  ho, da waves wuz lie fifteen feet, but

1  I wanned fo surf

5  um anyway.  Yea, I wen go

2  out cuz wuz jus so sick

4  how could I not surf dose waves?

3  I neva lie say I wen go down

3  Waipi’o an no even try down

4  dea fo catch one wave.

6  So I wuz jus like no fear, but

1  I wuz shittin my pants cuz da surf

2  wuz huge!  But I wen go out an catch sum sick

5  waves.  But den I wen go

5  get pounded.  I wen go

3  up in da air, den down

2  in da watah.  I wuz all sick.

6  Nevah taught I’d go lie dis.  But

1  dea I wuz, da surf

4  taken me to the Land of Milu on my last wave.

4  Ho brah I wuz really on my last wave

5  I wen even go

1  get calm, accept dat wuz my last day fo surf.

3  Dey would say dat I wen down

6  surfin, neva make um back in, but

2  I wen die surfin sick

2  waves, an how can anyone be sick

4  I wen die doin wat I luv best, surfin waves

6  so sweet.  But

5  den I wuz saved by my ‘aumakua who wen go

3  push me from down

1  in da pounding surf

6  5  an up in da air.  But den I wen get sad, my board wen go

4  3  bus from da waves as why.  Shit.  You like go down

2  1  Waipi’o?  As jus so sick, we gotta go surf.

Vintage Reincarnated: Pink + Green Tropical Floral Belt

May 27, 2010

Here is the green version of the black dress I featured the last time from Target.  In order to break up the monotony of the green, I paired the dress with a belt I made from a vintage pink & green tropical floral print.

Green Dress from Target + Vintage Pink & Green Tropical Floral Belt

Pink + Green: A cool, soothing color combo.

Vintage Reincarnated: Reversible Wave Belt

May 25, 2010

Although I hardly ever wear black, I absolutely could not resist this black dress at Target because it had such a retro, 60s vibe. However, to give it a burst of color, I paired it with a belt I made a while back from two different vintage 60s/70s garments–the first, a white & red polyester wave print dress that I assume was inspired by Hokusai’s most famous print The Great Wave off Kanagawa; and the second, an orange polyester flower & fan print dress.

Black Dress from Target + Vintage Reversible Wave Belt

Out of all the vintage fabrics I have found over the years, this white & red wave print is my absolute favorite. The first time I found a garment with this fabric was at a white elephant sale. The second time I found a garment with this fabric (talk about being lucky!) was at a Goodwill store.

The reverse side of the vintage belt.

Fabric belts are extremely easy to make.  First, cut 2x enough length and any width of fabric.  Then, sew the 2 pieces together with the right sides facing each other, leaving a small opening in which you can then turn the fabric right side out.  Lastly, stitch the opening closed.  If you want to use vintage 60s/70s fabrics, probably the best place to look is at white elephant sales (but get there early!). Ten years ago, I used to find my vintage fabric at Savers, but ever since more and more designers started to use vintage prints in their collections, it became harder to find vintage garments at Savers.  Or, perhaps I’m just too picky when choosing what vintage prints I want to work with.  After all, I do not buy anything that I would not wear also.

Invitation Draw

May 19, 2010

Since I am officially on vacation, I decided to find my creative side again.  It’s hard to be creative when I’m surrounded by mountains of paperwork.  But now that those mountains have eroded, I can devote as much time as I want to creative projects.  Thus, I tackled my first creative project today–drawing wedding invitations.

Surf Bunny Invitation Template

Surf Bunny Invitation Template: This drawing took me all afternoon. I am, after all, not someone who can draw naturally. In order to create this drawing, I had to utilize old drawings I did for my Fashion Illustration class. For example, the hibiscus was part of a repeat pattern design I had done to put on sketches of clothes.

I decided to make my own wedding invitations for two main reasons.  First, it’s so much cheaper to print out your own invitations than to buy them:

$8:  Approximate cost of 40 sheets of White Textured Cardstock

$50:  Approximate cost of Black & Colored Printer Ink

In other words, for under $75, I will be able to print out all of the invites for my wedding.  Of course, though, this may not have been so simple if I did not have Adobe Photoshop.  After I drew the surf bunny template, I scanned it into Adobe Photoshop and proceeded to place the text into the template.

Here's what the invite looks like scaled down to size to fit in the envelope.

The second reason I chose to draw my own invitations was because I wanted to do this ever since I saw an article in a wedding magazine about the newest trend being to actually draw your own invites.  I immediately thought, “I can do that.”  But at the time, I had work to think about and I could not devote any time to drawing.  Hence, I still looked at wedding invitations websites, thinking that I would just order an invite off the internet.  But for whatever reason, I never could find an invitation I could be happy with.  Granted I am very indecisive, I think in the back of my mind I just really wanted to draw my own invitations.  And now that I have done so, I couldn’t be happier.