Commit to Revolution?

The first time I saw a preview for NBC’s new show, Revolution, I couldn’t wait for September to come.  After all, I was in the midst of The Walking Dead withdrawals, and since I basically gave up on Falling Skies a while ago (hey, I did ATTEMPT to watch this season but it bored me so much that I turned the channel and started watching Ice Road Truckers…if a reality show about flawed, sometimes total pricks, other times totally likeable guys risking their lives to make money to support their families gives you way more likeable characters than Falling Skies, then something is definitely wrong with the writers writing for Falling Skies), I had such high hopes for Revolution.  I marked when the Revolution would begin on my calendar (of course, though, I had marked The Walking Dead first).  But any show about living in a post-apocalypic world totally gets me hooked even BEFORE it actually premieres.  That, though, makes for a huge problem-can the show actually live up to my expectations?

Revolution so far has failed to live up to them.  The first episode played like a cross between Falling Skies and Jericho trying to be the next Lost or The Walking Dead.  To give it credit, though, I never watched Jericho when it first came out.  I had tried, but Jericho just moved too slowly.  This summer I bought the series and became a total Jericho fan.  I know though that much of my like for Jericho had to do with the fact that I had nothing else to watch with it being the summer season.

But back to Revolution.  Watching it makes me realize just how much I miss The Walking Dead, with all of its flawed, always dirty, characters.  Like seriously, Revolution, make your characters STOP looking like they take a bath twice a day!  Make them dirty and gritty.  And make them skinny!  If you really live in a world with no electricity, where you WALK everywhere, how is it that everyone looks like they smell like roses and some of them are still obese?  Lost had that same problem with the character of Hurley, but at least Lost didn’t attempt to be FIFTEEN years in the future (and Hurley did have that secret stash of Dharma food).  It takes time to lose weight, but NOT that long when you no longer have access to processed foods.

The Walking Dead characters are not always totally likeable BUT you always are scared for them.  You care if they make it out alive.  Because you never know if they may die.  On a show like Revolution, I don’t care if the characters live or die.  In fact, maybe they should just kill off some of them so that the show can focus more on those interesting ones…like Captain Neville, Monroe, and “Juliet” from Lost.

I haven’t lost all hope for Revolution.  But it being on a major network shows its difference from a show on cable.  Cable shows are so much darker and grittier, with flawed characters you end up rooting for even though they do bad things, or asshole characters that you would never want to invite to dinner but still command respect.  Take Darrell for example…he’s become one of the heroes of The Walking Dead even though he started out as a redneck asshole.  And Merlye, that racist bastard, definitely not a hero on the show, but everyone is drooling over his return because his character is interesting-like seriously, if you have the balls to cut your hand off to survive, you are definitely the ultimate survivor in this zombie-infested world.  And you gotta respect that in some messed up way.

So that’s what Revolution is not.  It has yet to create truly gritty characters.  Think the grittiest character so far is Juliet from Lost when she showed what she’s made off and killed that guy trying to steal their food.  Her husband was a wimp, but Juliet-she channeled her inner protective mama bear and commanded respect.  It’s horrible what she did, but we understand why she did it.  And we respect her for it.  But she’s an underutilized character and her being stuck in house arrest is just dumb.

As I ponder if watching Episode 3 is worth it-my DVR failed to record it, think that’s a sign?-check out this review of the show.  It captures the pros/cons perfectly.


One Response to “Commit to Revolution?”

  1. chels Says:

    TWD countdown in 3 days!! woohoo! cant wait for crazy
    meryls return and the drama that will happen!

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