Reason #9: The Price of Local Fruit

When my bill for a small bag of lychee and 5 lilikoi rang up to $17.65 (lychee = 11.50; lilikoi = $6.15) at a stand at the KCC Farmer’s Market this morning, I wanted to scream that that better be some damn good lychee and lilikoi.  I had just spent most of my money on purely impulse buys. Then I realized that it’s not like they didn’t post the prices next to it.  It’s not their fault that I don’t know one ounce from one pound.  But it got me to thinking why living on Oahu sucks.  If I was on the Big Island, lychee and lilikoi (not to mention guavas, mountain apples, star fruit, mangoes, watercress, oranges, avocados) are FREE.  It grows in the wild–you just need to know where to find them.  Or, you would definitely know someone with a tree.  My dad keeps the household well supplied with the bounty of the land that he picks himself.  And if not, if you end up buying some lychee on the side of the road, the prices are nothing like that on Oahu ($5 per pound on Big Island vs. $8 per pound what I just paid).

So lessons learned.  First, I’m boycotting that fruit stand because those prices are just ridiculous.  And second, as soon as I publish my book and am able to afford to buy lots of land on the Big Island, I’m making a farm that will keep me supplied with all the lychee and lilikoi (and the other stuff) that I want.  That way I’ll never have to buy those things again.  And if the apocalypse should ever happen, I’ll still have food to eat.


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