Freedom vs. Security

The horrible, tragic shooting in Colorado has reignited America’s long standing gun debate.

Out of all developed countries, America stands alone in being armed to the teeth.  So why is it that whereas other developed countries have gun control laws, America’s laws have seemingly gone in the opposite direction?

No other country has a Second Amendment that guarantees the right of the American people to keep and bear arms.  This right is part of the Bill of Rights that was crucial in the founding of the United States of America as some states were not about to sign on to the notion of a federal government without a series of protections against a strong, centralized government.

So here’s the problem.  If certain people, due to the increasing problem of gun violence, want to overturn the Second Amendment, they have just sacrificed freedom-the basic fundamental right that all private citizens have to own guns-for the sake of stability and security.

Gun violence is a horrible problem.  But I don’t believe that you can solve a problem by creating an even bigger problem.  Once you give government the right to take away your guns, then what’s next?  Will they then tackle the First Amendment, our right to free speech, press, assembly, and religion?

There is a fine line balancing individual freedoms with stability and security.  I, for one, fear the day when government revokes the Second Amendment (or any other Amendments) with a willing American majority going along with it because that is the day that our government passes into the realm of totalitarianism, where freedom is sacrificed at the hands of stability and security.

Once you give up your freedom to do something, it will be extremely hard to ever get it back.  After all, throughout history, governments were very stingy in giving out freedom.  More often than not, battles and wars had to be fought to win certain rights and freedoms, even though these freedoms usually then only served a select group of people.

On a side note, such a well-armed American public will probably be the most capable of all societies in dealing with the zombie apocalypse should it appear.


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