Freedom of Speech

I admire people who are vocal about something they don’t like.  It’s one of the things that make living in a free country so amazing.  Hence, I found Bobby Martinez’s interview at the Quiksilver Pro New York–the interview that got him disqualified from the rest of the contest–quite refreshing.

I don’t get the new One World ranking system.  I tried to understand it by reading about it on the ASP website, but failed.  Perhaps I need some visuals.  What I do understand, though, is that some guys currently on the title tour will get purged for lack of points and be replaced by others.

Besides the fact that it’s just damn confusing, there’s something wrong about this complicated, convoluted new ranking system.  And finally someone–Bobby Martinez to be exact–has spoken out against it and called it like it is.  I wonder how many other pro surfers feel the way he does.  On the other hand, I also wonder how many pro surfers prefer this new system.  I guess as long as you’re Kelly Slater and sitting pretty at the top of the rankings, it doesn’t really matter what kind of system is in existence. But for everyone else, especially the ones that may get purged, it certainly does matter.


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