Missing Logic

Every now and then I read something so outrageous and inconceivable that I find myself having to vent.  The most recent urge I have to vent comes from this article that I just read from the Star Advertiser.

The first sentence of this article says it all–the DOE is trying to figure out why test scores for students with SEVERE COGNITIVE DISABILITIES would drop so dramatically when given the new, MORE ACADEMICALLY RIGOROUS standardized test.

Anyone with an ounce of logic would realize that the DOE doesn’t need to “figure out” why test scores dropped.  Look at the sentence again!  What student population is taking the test?  And what kind of test are they being given?  Is the DOE so lacking in logic that they actually did NOT think test scores would NOT fall so much given that it is a much HARDER test?

Instead of the DOE trying to figure out why test scores dropped so dramatically, they should be figuring out ways to justify moving away from standardized testing and into a much better form of authentic assessment. Students are not cut from the same cookie cutter.  They are individuals. And when assessing what they have learned, forms of assessment that cater to their individuality should be used.  I am a big fan of using portfolios for assessment.  Students create their own portfolios that show their mastery of the subject.  Each portfolio is different from another, but all portfolios are scored on the same rubric.

Whatever the case, the DOE is subject to NCLB.  And NCLB dictates standardized testing.  And that is not what this blog is about.  I just wanted to vent about the missing logic of the DOE in their attempt to FIGURE OUT why test scores for students with severe cognitive disabilities dropped so dramatically when given the harder test.  To me, theres NOTHING to figure out.  The “why did this happen” is answered in that one sentence.


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