KCC Farmer’s Market Tropicals

Get in touch with your creative side and create your very own flower arrangements with fresh cut tropicals from the KCC Farmer's Market and striking baskets from East Asian Basket Company. This arrangement took about 10 minutes to put together, and cost about $25 to make. If you bought this same arrangement in a flower shop, it would cost about $60. Whether you make it yourself, or buy a tropical arrangement, though, it is a much better use of your money than buying a rose or spring flower arrangement. This is Hawai'i--those types of flowers die fast. Tropicals, on the other hand, can last over 2 weeks with minimal care. The tropicals that you see in this arrangement are one week old, but barely show their age.

If you need fresh cut tropicals, then KCC’s Farmer’s Market is the place for you!  All of the above flowers came from this market except for the pink & green leaves which I grow in my yard.  I got the yellow & orange claw heliconia and the orange purpurea from Ska Tropicals, the pink anthuriums from Nita’s Flowers, and the sexy pink hanging heliconia from another vendor that I didn’t get the name of (but is somewhat across of the pizza vendor).  The flowers for this arrangement cost less than $20.  The basket, which I got from East Asian Basket Company on Queen Street–simply the best place to go for your basket needs–was approximately $5.  Add in the Oasis and the plastic tray for under the Oasis, and in total, this arrangement costs approximately $25 to make.  Furthermore, it’s really not hard to put together–start with the center, which is the tallest piece.  Then, on either side of it, place two shorter pieces.  Then fill according with shorter flowers, and hide the Oasis with greens.  And remember–less is more!  Simple arrangements are a lot more pleasing to the eye than cluttered ones that have no center in which to draw the eye.


One Response to “KCC Farmer’s Market Tropicals”

  1. chelsea Says:

    cute malia! btw, i have yet to go and get you the sexy pink plant from the kahaluu/kaaawa nursery. i just keep forgetting!

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