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First Day of Fall

September 22, 2010

It’s been a while since I drove over the H-3 and haven’t been able to see Kane’ohe Bay. Perhaps it’s fitting that it should happen early this morning as today is the first day of fall.  Summer is gone, and the rain that Hawai’i needs so much is finally making an appearance. Along with the rain, though, is something else–it is NOW time to start buying your Christmas presents if you want to get in on the hottest toys of the Christmas season!  This is the toy that I spent 1 hour looking for online last night. Why?  Because I get suckered into the hype (last year was zhu zhu pets) and think that would make perfect presents for my toddler nephews!  Except this time, I want the toy for myself because it looks like a bunny!  Is it a bunny, though? Who knows.  But it certainly looks like one!