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Newest Vintage Creation

August 30, 2010

Dress made from vintage blue material found at a White Elephant sale.


More Made in Hawai’i

August 22, 2010

White & Pink Hibiscus Plant from Olomana Tropicals

Geisha Fabulous by Mona Lisa Hot Pink Hibiscus Headband with Green Flower Hair Clip attached.

Laupahoehoe Graphics by Dick & Avis Mortemore 2011 Hawaiian Wildlife Calendar and Endemic Hawai'i Birds Assorted Cards

Made in Hawai’i

August 21, 2010

Need some gift ideas?  Check out the cool stuff I found at the Made in Hawai’i Festival:

Ruby D's Cutting Boards Plus Bunny Chopping Board

Wave Necklace

Nilma Hunter Creations Wave Necklace

Plumeria Rain Pikake Lotion

Maui's Ono Yellow Panini Dressing

Olomana Tropicals Tomato Plant

Kona Chips Furikake Chips

Bunny Boards

August 21, 2010

Christmas shopping was the farthest thing from my mind until I checked out the Made in Hawai’i Festival that runs through this weekend at the Blaisdell.  Don’t get me wrong though–it’s not like I haven’t been shopping. It’s just that my shopping revolved around buying things for my wedding or for the snowboarding trip that I really want to go on in December.  I’m already having cold weather withdrawals as I used the excuse of a little rain outside to use my hot pink Uggs a few weeks ago.

The Made in Hawai’i Festival put me in the mood to start Christmas shopping.  In fact, even though I just spent 3 hours there last night, I really want to go back.  After all, the festival offers awesome food, unique finds, beautiful plants, and a way to support local businesses.  It’s way worth dealing with the traffic to get there!

My best purchase at the Made in Hawai'i Festival was this Bunny Cutting Board by Ruby D's Cutting Boards Plus. I have always wanted a cutting board from Ruby D's, but I never bought one before because I was waiting for them to make it in a bunny shape. Well, my wait is over! I was so excited to find this bunny board that I bought 2--one for me, and one for my mom. I probably would have gotten more if they had more bunny shapes in stock. Of course, though, there are many other awesome shapes and designs to choose from. Made from Dupont Corian, these cutting boards are strong, durable, sanitary, cute, reasonably-priced, and make excellent gifts.

Lost Reflections

August 9, 2010

Lost: loved it or hated it?

In the weeks building up to the finale of Lost, I started to get worried. What if the creators & writers of Lost really were just throwing all of this mismatched information that anyone who took introductory college-level courses in philosophy, religion, physics, and history would know into a series that really had nothing more going for it than a few interesting characters–Locke, Sayid, Hurley, Walt, Ben–in order to keep the viewers watching?

After all, if not for the sci-fi elements of the show, I would have stopped watching shortly after the first episodes aired.  In fact, I never even watched the pilot episode because I was under the mistaken assumption that the show was going to be a synthesis of Lord of the Flies, Island of the Blue Dolphin, and Gilligan’s Island. However, after my dad raved about the show, I tuned in to discover a show that did a superb job channeling Predator, the Langoliers, and X-Files.  I was hooked.

Lost succeeded in mixing a sci-fi plot with strong characters.  The way Lost made you care about the characters, at the same time advancing the story along sci-fi lines, reminded me of why Stephen King’s The Stand remains one of the best books I have ever read.  If The Stand had not been about the end-of-the-world, had not been about good vs. evil, then I would never count it among my most favorite reads–no matter how strong the characters were.

I read books for the plot.  I watch tv and movies for the plot.  When you throw in strong characters, that’s what makes for memorable books and shows.  Think about it–would the Twilight series be so appealing if you stripped away the supernatural elements?  Hence, strip away the sci-fi elements of Lost, and what are you left with?

The final season of Lost hardly paid enough homage to the sci-fi plot that the success of Lost was built on.  But I can deal with that.  What I can’t deal with is the whole notion of the pseudo-Purgatory-sideways world that the whole last season revolved around.  That was the ultimate deception, the ultimate let-down.

A series can only be judged in its entirety.  If I had known in season one exactly where Lost was going, I would have stopped watching.  That’s how much I hated the Lost finale.  I just wasn’t ready to admit that until now.