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First Steps

June 21, 2010

Growing up, all I could possibly conceive of doing with my future life was writing.  Now that I am grown up, I find myself still suffering from “Someday Syndrome” when it comes to writing.  Perhaps I could blame this on the creative writing class I once took in college.  Since I was so excited to finally be taking a creative writing class, can you imagine my horror when this class absolutely destroyed my desire to write because, according to the professor’s illegible handwriting that marked up every single writing assignment I turned in, my writing was “crap.”  Nevertheless, I should never have let one person’s opinion destroy the only thing I ever wanted to do with my life.

Now that I am 32, I find myself realizing that if I don’t start writing now, I never will.  Instead, I will continue to suffer from “Someday Syndrome” for the rest of my life.  Hence, this blog.  It’s a start.  Like my mom recently told me, it’s taking the first steps, no matter how small, that gets us to our ultimate goals in life.  From time to time, I will put up poems and stories that I have wrote.  Here’s the first poem, a sestina, which ironically, I first wrote in that horrible creative writing class:

Surf (A Sestina)

Waipi'o can get pretty gnarly.

1 Ho brah, I wen go surf

2  dis morn.  Waves wuz sum sick

3  at da beach down

4  Waipi’o.  You no how da waves

5  get down dea.  As crazy fo go

6  out wen as ten feet, but

6  ho, da waves wuz lie fifteen feet, but

1  I wanned fo surf

5  um anyway.  Yea, I wen go

2  out cuz wuz jus so sick

4  how could I not surf dose waves?

3  I neva lie say I wen go down

3  Waipi’o an no even try down

4  dea fo catch one wave.

6  So I wuz jus like no fear, but

1  I wuz shittin my pants cuz da surf

2  wuz huge!  But I wen go out an catch sum sick

5  waves.  But den I wen go

5  get pounded.  I wen go

3  up in da air, den down

2  in da watah.  I wuz all sick.

6  Nevah taught I’d go lie dis.  But

1  dea I wuz, da surf

4  taken me to the Land of Milu on my last wave.

4  Ho brah I wuz really on my last wave

5  I wen even go

1  get calm, accept dat wuz my last day fo surf.

3  Dey would say dat I wen down

6  surfin, neva make um back in, but

2  I wen die surfin sick

2  waves, an how can anyone be sick

4  I wen die doin wat I luv best, surfin waves

6  so sweet.  But

5  den I wuz saved by my ‘aumakua who wen go

3  push me from down

1  in da pounding surf

6  5  an up in da air.  But den I wen get sad, my board wen go

4  3  bus from da waves as why.  Shit.  You like go down

2  1  Waipi’o?  As jus so sick, we gotta go surf.


Fashion Heritage

June 1, 2010

Some of the earliest memories of my grandma came from shopping trips she, my mom, and myself took to Hilo to shop at a boutique in the old Kaiko’o Shopping Center (long before Prince Kuhio Plaza was built and spelled the doom of Kaiko’o which then eventually became government offices) so that my grandma could buy sharp-looking suits she would wear to church. Once, she bought a fuschia-colored skirt and jacket suit that she totally rocked.  She certainly loved color, and I think my love of fuschia comes straight from her.  In fact, my mom says that I got my love of clothes from my grandma.  It’s true– whenever I go shopping, I always think, “Grandma would of loved this.”  Hence my newest fuschia purchase:

Fuschia Heels from the Nine West Outlet